Top 10 most beautiful geological parks in the world

What are the top ten most beautiful geological parks in the world? Top ten most beautiful geological parks in the world.

1. Provence Highland Geopark

FranceGlobal Geopark
What are the most beautiful geological parks in the world? Maigoo Xiaobian recommends the French Provence Highland Geopark, which is located in the Alps and the Var province. This area is the northern part of Provence. It is a highland with an elevation of 400-2960 kilometers. There are various natural environments in the area. Fragrant wine producing areas and olive groves, the highest peaks are located high in the Alps. The 3 secluded trails in the area connect disparate scenes. Visitors can focus on fossil, structural or sedimentary outcrops, or enjoy history, landscape and vegetation. While waiting for the lavender to bloom, you can also come here to enjoy lakes, mountains, forests, and plains.
Address: Haute-Provence Alps and Var, southeastern France

2. Shennongjia National Geopark

ChinaWorld HeritageGlobal Geopark5A Scenic Areaworld biosphereNational ParkNational Nature ReserveNational GeoparkNational Ecotourism Demonstration Area

Shennongjia Global Geopark is a forest eco-tourism area with the theme of beautiful green sub-alpine natural scenery, diverse animal and plant species, and harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Shennongjia is world-famous for its primitiveness and mystery. It integrates natural wonders, scientific exploration, and harmony between man and nature. The area has high mountains and deep valleys, dense forests, complex and changeable climate, and charming scenery in four seasons. Shennongjia’s unique natural environment and cultural history have created extremely rich and precious natural and cultural landscapes, as well as a pleasant and beautiful tourist environment. Known as “Shennong Tianyuan”, it is one of the top ten most beautiful geological parks in the world one. 【Detailed>>】
Address: Shennongjia Forest District, Hubei Province

3. Eiffel Mountains Geopark

GermanyGlobal Geopark
The Eifel Mountains Geopark, located in central Central Europe, shows a gently hilly landscape with V-shaped valleys cut into ancient Devonian deposits. There are currently 350 known volcanic eruption centers, and the landscape is mainly shaped by them, hence the name “Vulkaneifel”. The Eiffel Mountains Geopark has complete geological infrastructure, including more than 200 geological outcrops and 5 museums. They are also key to understanding the region’s fascinating landscape and its history. Each museum has its own area of focus, each dedicated to the corresponding geological, natural, historical, cultural and technical specialties of the Eifel Global Geopark.

4. Great Forest Geopark of Wales

The Welsh Great Forest Geopark is a long strip of highlands extending from the central area of the Geopark to the outskirts of the park. The mountains and valleys in the park represent 500 million years of Earth’s history. This fascinating region preserves the geological remains of ancient oceans, mountain building, sea and land shifts and climate change, as well as the formation of the last glaciation. Because all levels slope to the south and are planed, the transepts are magnificent when visiting the landscape. Come here, you will also find fascinating waterfalls, amazing caves and the highest mountain in southern England, one of the most scenic geoparks in the world.

5. Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park Located between the Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont regions, the Gran Paradiso National Park is the first national park in Italy, established in 1922. The editor recommends that friends who like mountaineering must not miss this place. Here, you can see both the prairie on the Alps and the dense forest. In summer, it will be covered with flowers. In winter, the summit will be covered with ice and snow, which is very beautiful. It is also a botanical garden with thousands of plant species, as if it is a paradise.

6. Northwest Highland Geopark of Scotland (UK)

The Scottish Northwest Highlands Geopark is located in the far northwest of Scotland, covering an area of 2,000 square kilometers. It has many of the most beautiful mountain landscapes and coastal landscapes in the UK, as well as a large number of classic geological areas. The Scottish North West Highlands Geopark has some of the most important and diverse geomorphological features in the UK, and its unique landscape has a strong visual impact and reflects the underlying geological features. Geologically speaking, this area mainly belongs to the internationally important Moine Thrust Fault Zone, which extends from the north to the south of the Northwest Highlands Geopark.

7. Oschede Geopark (Denmark)

DenmarkGlobal Geopark
Oschede Geopark is one of the most beautiful geoparks in the world. It is located about 100 kilometers away from Copenhagen. It was formed in the late Quaternary period 17,000 years ago. The Orsched Arch is a key feature in understanding the patterns of glacier activity during this period. They are also typical examples of glacial recessions, terminal moraines and meltwater flood plains. The east, north and west of the Osjöd Glacier of various shapes are surrounded by sea water. The Geopark also features active and ongoing ice age coastal formations, such as the formation of lagoons, marshes and shifting sands. Today the region is the number one destination for holiday travel in Denmark.

8. Jeju Island Geopark

South Korea
Jeju Island has various volcanic topography and geological resources. It is not an exaggeration to compare the entire Jeju Island to a museum of volcanic topography. There are many world-famous geological places in Jeju. The most representative ones are Bailutan crater with an altitude of 1950 meters and Lingshi strange rock, the symbol of Jeju – Halla Mountain, and Jumundake lava, which is part of the world natural heritage. The Manjang Cave in the cave group, the Seongsan Ilchulbong that erupted from the seabed, the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, the shellfish fossil layer in Seogwipo, the columnar joint belt on the coast of Daepo, Suwolbong, etc. These rare and beautiful unique geological landscapes are called Representative attractions of Jeju Island.
Address: Jeju Island, South Korea

9. Basque Coast Geopark (Spain)

The Basque Coast Geopark is a small area squeezed between the Bay of Biscay and the Basque Mountains, including mutriku, DEBA, ZUMAIA, 13 kilometers of cliffs in the Geopark, rock formations known as flysch deposits formed spectacularly, The big encyclopedia shows us the earth in more than 60 million years of history. Warm reminder from MAIGOO editors: Saconeta Beach has a unique landform formed under the erosion of sea breeze and sea water. The criss-crossing coastline is connected with the blue sea. It is the ultimate landscape of the Basque Coast Geopark.

10. Carnic Alps Geopark (Austria)

AustriaGlobal Geopark
The Alpine Geopark is located in the south of the border between Austria and Italy, and includes two east-west mountain ranges about 140 kilometers long – the Carnic Alps and the Geta Alps, which are separated by the Le Sach Gorge and the Geta Gorge to the east. The total area of the park is about 830 square kilometers. It joined the World Geopark Network in early 2012. Currently, there are about 19,600 people living in the park. The park has one of the few geological relics in the world that preserves the continuous sedimentary sequence from the Ordovician to the Late Permian. On the Gaita Alps, the largest plant fossil in Austria-Laas petrified wood was also found.